Lie Hu Yan – Royal Drill Master

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Legendary Hero
lie hu yan royal drill master rise of empires hero


"We will dine on their flesh, and wash it down with their blood!" He could very well be the worst nightmare of every foot soldier from the Eastern Dynasty, despite all their complaints, they all still knew, if it weren't for him and his training, they'd probably be long dead on the battlefield by now. Different from many other drill masters, Hu-Yan Lie will not stand high on the podium and yell instruction, he will personally instruct every single move. And all his pupils know, the experiences he passed on aren't mere theories, they're from decades of war, and learning them, means life or death on the battlefield. It is a well-known fact that he is one of the main factors that the Eastern Dynasty always has fresh meat on the battlefield despite the on-going war.

Hero Details

Name: Lie Hu Yan
Nickname: Royal Drill Master
Quality: Legendary
Type: Development
Role: Military
Excels at: Training or leading Footmen units

Development Skills

NameLvl. 1Max lvl.
Training Theory II
After training footmen, gain 80 exp. every 1min. spentAfter training footmen, gain 800 exp. every 1min. spent
Accelerated Training II FootmenFootmen training speed +2.5%Footmen training speed +25%
Frugal Training FootmenFootmen units food upkeep -2.5%Footmen units food upkeep -25%
Mass Recruitment IIFootmen training count +170Footmen training count +2,500
Instructor FootmenFootmen training cost -2%Footmen training cost -40%
Quick Training FootmenFootmen training speed +6%Footmen training speed +60%