Roguelin Sir John

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Legendary Hero
roguelin sir johnson rise of empires hero


"Giddy Up! TThere's a war to be won!" When the Eastern Dynasty invaded, Sir Roguelin could very well be the only knight of the Imperium that wasn't running away from the battlefield, and despite all his protest, Sir Roguelin was still dragged back to the backline to train conscripts and new initiates. Though feared by every new recruit and squired the ones that fought alongside him, all knew his anger and frustration, all came from not being able to do more for his kingdom and people.

Hero Details

Name: Roguelin
Nickname: Sir John
Quality: Legendary
Type: Development
Role: Military
Excels at: Training or leading Cavalry units
NameLvl. 1Max lvl.
Training Theory II
After training cavalries, gain 80 exp. every 1min. spentAfter training cavalries, gain 800 exp. every 1min. spent
Accelerated Training II CavalryCavalry training speed +2.5%Cavalry training speed +25%
Frugal Training CavalryCavalry units food upkeep -2.5%Cavalry units food upkeep -25%
Mass Recruitment IICavalry training count +170Cavalry training count +2,500
Instructor CavalryCavalry training cost -2%Cavalry training cost -40%
Quick Training CavalryCavalry training speed +6%Cavalry training speed +60%