Ulysses J. Johnson Drill Sergeant

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire Legendary Hero
ulysses johnson drill sergeant rise of empires hero


"They don't pay me enough to deal with you punks!" Many people tried to guess what the "J" in his name stands for, but few people know the answer. Orphaned at a young age, Ulysses was found and raised by the native people of the new world, though often picked on by other children of the village for being different, Ulysses soon proved his worth to the tribe by showing his talent as one of the best hunter and marksman. Only the people close to him know that the 'J in his name stands for 'Jolon', which in the native people's tongue, stands for 'Valley of the dead oaks', which is where he was found as a child. Heeding the call of Barnes the Cincinnatus, the natives and the colonists united under one banner for a brand new future, Ulysses joined the Federation army.

Hero Details

Name: Ulysses J. Johnson
Nickname: Drill Sergeant
Quality: Legendary
Type: Development
Role: Military
Excels at: Training or leading Archer units
NameLvl. 1Max lvl.
Training Theory II
After training archers, gain 80 exp. every 1min. spentAfter training archers, gain 800 exp. every 1min. spent
Accelerated Training II ArchersArchers training speed +2.5%Archers training speed +25%
Frugal Training ArchersArchers units food upkeep -2.5%Archers units food upkeep -25%
Mass Recruitment IIArchers training count +170Archers training count +2,500
Instructor ArchersArchers training cost -2%Archers training cost -40%
Quick Training ArchersArchers training speed +6%Archers training speed +60%